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Virgin Cleansing Stories from Sonagachi
Virgin Cleansing: Stories from Sonagachi
Human rights violations persist worldwide, particularly targeting oppressed and marginalized communities....
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Religious Freedom in Political Context
Your Voice Vol 3 Issue 1 Call for Papers "Religious Freedom in Political Context"
Are you passionate about exploring the intricate relationship between religion and politics? Do you have...
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Women First? The Gendered Impact of War on Gaza
Women First? The Gendered Impact of War on Gaza
In the continuum of events materializing in a war zone, we often turn a blind eye towards the plight...
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South Africa's Moral Challenge: Impact of the ICJ Ruling on Global Politics
In seeking a glimpse of a living hell, one need not venture far beyond the relentless turmoil besieging...
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The Gaza Crisis: the Western Media Bias
Gaza – Conflicts and the current human rights crisis More than 27,000 people dead and beyond three-fourths...
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Free to Hurt : Alarming Spike in Crimes Against Dalit Revealed By NCRB Data
Karnataka : Dalit minor allegedly gang-raped multiple times, Rajasthan: Dalit family attacked, women...
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China's One-Child Policy: Why was it revoked?
China’s One-child policy and negative effects of population One-child policy was introduced in...
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Lives and representations of Chinese women: What changed in the 20th century?
In 20th century China, women’s lives changed greatly.  On the surface, they were given access to...
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Unavoidable Showdown: The Post-1945 USA vs. Soviet Union Rivalry
Unavoidable Showdown: The Post-1945 USA vs. Soviet Union Rivalry
Introduction to the USA Soviet Union Rivarly Before declaring anything “inevitable”, one must speak on...
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Your Voice Magazine

Our Magazine titled "Your Voice" is a quarterly periodical that covers contemporary issues related to human rights. A compilation of well written essays with periodic contributions from students and academicians sets the tone for the future changes. If you are interested to order one for yourself, feel free to do so.

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Journal of Transnational Human Rights Research

Journal of Transnational Human Rights Research (JTHRR) is also one of our flagship project which is independent of any State affiliation with a truly diverse and global editorial and advisory board. It is an annual publication launched under the banner of Institute for Human Rights Research, an initiative of The Dialogue Box.

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